Update: Contrary to rumors, I assure you I am still alive...

Just wanted to pop in for a quick update. I have been gone from the site for a while due to some personal issues, I hope to get a new post up this weekend. I will warn you for the coming months, updates will be slower than before, most likely no more than 1 - 2 updates a week. But presets are ready to release, and the next release of cold storage will occur in late june...which will most likely be the last of the Cold Storage Collection. Purchasers of Cold Storage will get the new set free if you purchase before June 1st. After its release, both sets together will be 14.99 or separately for 9.99. Thanks to all the recent supporters who have purchased while I have been away, your help is much appreciated.

As for the WordPress migration, that is on hold for now. I have too much going on, and I wish I could devote more time to get my setup working right, I don't see that free time coming until late summer. I am not happy with the current incarnation, but I will be working with it throughout the summer. You can check out what's up with it at www.lifeindigitalfilm.net, but I am not going to post to it until it's ready, keep coming here for updates. I jumped the gun on this, and felt I could handle it, but I couldn't at the time.

Also, I will be getting some focus on the film side of everything, including scanning and integrating film into a Lightroom/Photoshop workflow. Possibly a few presets to expedite the manipulation of film scans in Lightroom. We'll see what happens.

Hopefully in the next few weeks, my personal issues will clear up and allow me a bit more energy to focus into the website. As it is a full time job and part time photography is alot, but they keep my family fed...the website comes second, but I still love writing LifeInDigitalFilm.

Thanks for your continued support,


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