LR/ACR Preset: Kodak BW CN

[Adobe Camera RAW presets added to zip 01132009]

Tonight I am proud to present my first film simulation preset that I am premiering on my blog. Tonight I am giving the world my simulation of Kodak BW CN.

I have attempted to get the tone and scale of the original film as accurate as possible. Obviously we cannot yet simulate grain in Lightroom, and that is the biggest problem I have with the preset (and all my film style presets).

Have fun with it and I will further expand this post in the next day.

Oh yeah, grab it HERE.

Until Next Time,

Minor change of course

Solace (Film), originally uploaded by GrayImaging.

Well, only 2 days in and I have changed my mind a bit. My blog is still about photography in general, but I do love both digital and film. I decided to scratch my planned post about websites due do my work on presets for Lightroom. I mostly work on simulating film via lightroom presets, so starting tomorrow, I will be releasing these at this blog. I will also have other posts, such as news, equipment reviews, photo lab reviews, film reviews and my opinions in general. There will be no set schedule, you get what I give, when I write it.

I will keep every file available for download as long as I can. They will be hosted via a download site ala filefactory, unless PresetsHeaven chooses to publish any of the presets, in which I will remove my download and ask for it to be download form Pierre's aawesome site.

Hopefully I will have a new preset for you all tonight or tomorrow. I will announce it on twitter if you follow me @mwgray.

until then,
Michael W. Gray

photo info:

Solace, ©2008 Michael W. Gray
Fuji Neopan 100 Acros B&W negative film
Minolta Maxxum 7000AF
Minolta AF 70-210 f/4.5-5.6 @ 70mm, f/4.5
exposure 1/1000
JPG scan from local film lab


One more project...

Deer Tounge, originally uploaded by GrayImaging.

So, after being inspired by Pierre over at PresetsHeaven I have decided to start my own blog. Not that this will be anywhere as focused or good as his.

I just want to cover photography in general. And there will most likely not be daily posts here. There might be, but I doubt it. I only plan on making a post if I actually have something to say. If you want to read more random thoughts I am http://www.twitter.com/mwgray.

I will be going for now, so I can work on the pages layout, but tomorrow I will be back to post about the websites I rely on for my photo needs.

Until Then,