LR/ACR Preset: Ilford HP5+

LR Preset Ilford HP5+, originally uploaded by GrayImaging.

[Adobe Camera RAW preset added 01132009]

Well the weekend is over, got to get up and work 3 days before vacation starts. Yay! So I finally found time for another post, and tonights menu consists of Ilford HP5+.

HP5+ is Ilford's answer to Kodak Tri-X. A very versatile film with plenty of exposure latitude.

Get it HERE.

Wish I had more to say, but I have only shot it once, and it was for developing this preset. I think I will be sticking to Tri-X, but there is nothing wrong with this film, and I would probably prefer it for formal portraiture.

If you like Ilford film, check back in. I have quite a few ready to release in the coming days.

Until next time,


LR/ACR Preset: Fuji Neopan 400

LR Preset: Fuji Neopan 400, originally uploaded by GrayImaging.

[Adobe Camera RAW preset added 01132009]

Wow, this is what, 3 nights in a row that I get a release out. I must be sick....oh wait...I am. Plus I am still sick and it is my birthday. Too nasty to go out and shoot here in mid-Missouri, and all the rest of my photo editing work is too important (i.e. customer's work) to do while hopped up on Nyquil. Sometimes things look really good 45 minutes after taking a dose, not so much the next day. But, I digress.

Tonight's menu features another fine Fuji film. Another of my B&W presets, this is the sister preset to my Fuji Neopan 1600 from two nights ago. Both were processed at the same time, but I split up the release to bring a little color to a rather dreary day yesterday.

So tonight I give the world my version of Fuji Neopan 400.

Get it HERE.

Until Next Time,


LR/ACR Preset: Fuji Velvia

LR Preset: Fuji Velvia, originally uploaded by GrayImaging.

[Adobe Camera RAW preset added 01132009]

Tonight is a night for vibrant colors. In a departure from my usual black and white far, I am presenting the next in my line of color film presets. Tonight I present to the world my Fuji Velvia Preset.

Velvia really pushes color saturation, and is great for anything, except skin tones. You can tell the difference in the sample above, with my original raw image on the left, converted to jpeg. On the right is the same file, with no other processing than my Velvia Preset.

There is more information on the film in the zipfile readme, but I figure if you know what Velvia is, you most likely don't need me to retype it here.

Anyways, I'm fighting a pretty bad cold, and tomorrow is my birthday, so I am feeling petty miserable. I figured letting this out would make me feel a little better.

Grab it HERE.

Until next time,

And to those who found this release hidden in yesterday's post; nothing has changed except the readme and the name of the zipfile.


LR/ACR Preset: Agfa APX

LR Preset: Agfa APX, originally uploaded by GrayImaging.

[Adobe Camera RAW presets added 01132009]

Well, time for another preset. This time it is Agfa APX, another "dead" film that I could not get a real roll for my preset development. So this is a best guess emulation, based off the published response curves and physical prints.

I don't have much to say about the film, as I have never used it, and there is not much information on it to accumulate a short report on it. I hope you enjoy it anyways.

Get it HERE.

As recurrent visitors can tell, I have been tweaking the blog itself quite a bit recently. Trying to find a good, black background theme to use, that is easy to read. Also will soon be adding a downloads section, where you can go to see samples, descriptions and download for all the presets.

Hopefully I will have this project done around new years, until then please forgive the random changes.

Until next time,

Thinking about it, and should I just use webpages for the film preset download pages, or should I use a wiki for the pages, so others can contribute samples of the origianl film and presetted photos, and help complete better profiles on the film stocks themselves. Email me or drop a comment and let me know which method seems better.


LR/ACR Preset: Fuji Neopan 1600

LR Preset: Fuji Neopan 1600, originally uploaded by GrayImaging.

[Adobe Camera RAW presets added 01132009]

Finally I have a NEW preset available. Took me long enough. If you just discovered this blog, welcome. I hope you have enjoyed the presets release so far. Well on to tonight's ordeal.

A while back I asked for some suggestions for film preset releases. Stu requested some Fuji Neopan, so tonight I am releasing the first of that stock, Fuji Neopan 1600.

I am breaking my rules a bit here, but I am posting the 1600 and 400 speeds as separate preset collections. In the development process I found there to be a slight tonal difference between the two. So ISO 400 Neopan will be referred to as Fuji Neopan, and the 1600 variety is the one here, called Fuji Neopan 1600.

I like the actual film very much for its versatility and grain. This particular preset is good for high ISO images from DSLRs, as the noise in the image can be lightly cleaned up in Lightroom using the NR tools, and the remaining visible noise will show up as grain fairly true to the film.

Oh, get the preset HERE.

Now for bed,

PS: If you hadn't seen, I now have the domain www.lifeindigitalfilm.com. I think its sounds a lot better.


LR Preset Collection: Kodak B&W Vol. 1

So once again I have had a lapse in new posts. Unfortunately it always gets that way this time of year. Upside, I get almost 2 weeks vacation after Christmas, so I will have more time for my fledgling photography business and more time to give to my blog. I refuse to promise a regular release schedule until I can get past Christmas.

However, although I have no new preset to release tonight, I am officially releasing my Kodak preset you all have been using. I have grouped up 9 of the Kodak presets from here, and 3 Presets from my 1st B&W set. I added my "curve" preset to the 3 re-released presets.

Other than the re-releases, If you have gotten all my downloads here so far then you have all this. But if you are just finding the site now, all my Kodak B&W films I have release to date are in this set.

As I go along, Ilford will get a set like this, along with Fuji, Rollei/Maco, and then a set of other film stocks. But for now Kodak is the set I have most complete so here it is:

Included Film Emulations (3 presets per film stock)

MikeyG!s Kodak BW CN Preset
MikeyG!s Kodak Copy Film Preset
MikeyG!s Kodak HIE Preset
MikeyG!s Kodak Panatomic X Preset
MikeyG!s Kodak Plus-X Preset
MikeyG!s Kodak Portra BW Preset
MikeyG!s Kodak T-Max Preset
MikeyG!s Kodak Technical Pan Preset
MikeyG!s Kodak Tri-X Preset
MikeyG!s Kodak T-Max 100 Preset *
MikeyG!s Kodak T-Max 400 Preset *
MikeyG!s Kodak Tri-X 400 Preset *

*- these are the re-released preset. All others are here on this blog and have sample pictures posted.

Get the file HERE

The collection has also been released by Pierre at PresetsHeaven. I ask you all to check out his site daily, as he produces some great presets and also distributes presets created by other talented individuals.

PS: (12/13/2008; 0703 CDT) I just discovered that I had goofed in my Panatomic X release, I accidentally placed my Plus-X Auto and Curve presets in with the PanX standard preset. This effects both the original PanX release and the Kodak Collection. I will fix the issue later today when I get back home. Sorry for the screw-up.

(12/13/2008; 1103 CDT) The corrected collection zip file is HERE. This link is hosted by LIDF, however please get it from PresetsHeaven and support Pierre.

Until Next Time,



LR/ACR Preset: Konica IR

LR Preset: Konica IR, originally uploaded by GrayImaging.

[Adobe Camera RAW presets added 01132009]

Well I promised a preset earlier today so now it is time to deliver. Tonight's develop preset for Lightroom is Konica IR film.

Another dead film, discontinued in 2004, Konica IR was not a true IR film, only reaching barely in to the IR spectrum. However the film was excellent for portraits and landscapes due to it's shimmery highlights.

Get it Here.

Also I have gotten a few film preset requests so far from Flickr and Twitter. Once again if there is anything you want me to try and make for you, feel free to leave the request in the comment field of any of my posts, twittering me @mwgray, or e-mailing me @ [grayimaging]@[gmail].[com] (remove brackets).

Until Next Time,

Requests for film Stock Emulation

Hey everybody, just figured I would ask for a little help. As it stands I have quite a queue of film to emulate ahead of me, but I have reached the point where just slogging through the list of film is getting a bit old. So I was wondering if any of you are looking for a particular film to be emulated. If so just let me know what you are looking for in the comments below this post. I have a few requests so far that I am working on, but it would be nice to know when I am working on a preset that there is someone waiting for it.
Should have a new release later tonight, just wanted to get this request to everyone out.
Until later,