LR/ACR Preset: Konica IR

LR Preset: Konica IR, originally uploaded by GrayImaging.

[Adobe Camera RAW presets added 01132009]

Well I promised a preset earlier today so now it is time to deliver. Tonight's develop preset for Lightroom is Konica IR film.

Another dead film, discontinued in 2004, Konica IR was not a true IR film, only reaching barely in to the IR spectrum. However the film was excellent for portraits and landscapes due to it's shimmery highlights.

Get it Here.

Also I have gotten a few film preset requests so far from Flickr and Twitter. Once again if there is anything you want me to try and make for you, feel free to leave the request in the comment field of any of my posts, twittering me @mwgray, or e-mailing me @ [grayimaging]@[gmail].[com] (remove brackets).

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LR said...

This is real cool thing. I have used it in past and its good.