Another Side Project

Sorry for the lack of updates, but Thanksgiving here in the US has been messing me up as far as my scheduling goes. But today I had a little time so I put together a wiki for an idea I had pop up a while back.

Today I started a wiki for designing, editing and refining presets as a community. The idea is to have a community online where people can work on presets together, hopefully making much better presets as changes get provided back to the community. It is an experiment, and may not work, but I wanted to try. Usually many people together will make a better product, but not always. Hopefully we will see if it works...if it does it may become a good source for quality presets.

I started the wiki over at wikidot, so if you want to take part you will have to join wikidot and then join the wiki.

Find it Here.

As I said, hopefully this will take off, but if not I am only out a few hours of work.

Until later,

PS: More presets coming soon.

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