New Slide Film Preset Package

[NOTE: The presets contained in the following archive are no longer supported. I have developed a new analysis and emulation process, which has supassed the methodology by which I developed this release. Many of these film stocks have been re-emulated via my new technique and released on LIDF. Use these presets if you choose, just warning you that the newer ones are more accurate and usually better. -Michael]

Photo with Kodak Kodachrome 64 preset applied.

Having problems with my new preset, so I am going to release a package that I have at a near complete state. I am still a little unhappy with the presets, as I am relying on split toning to get near desired results, but it will do for now.

18 films stocks emulated, with an Autotone and flat preset for each. These were designed with my old process, so they focus on primaries. They will be redone after I finish my current B&W projects, but hopefully some will find these of use.

Samples will soon follow, to tired to put them up tonight.

Get it HERE.

Complete set of samples on Flickr

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mike said...

Thank you so much for the presets. Really great.