19 Black & White and 9 Color Print Film Emulating Presets

[NOTE: The presets contained in the following archives are no longer supported. I have developed a new analysis and emulation process, which has supassed the methodology by which I developed these releases. Many of these film stocks have been re-emulated via my new technique and released on LIDF. Use these presets if you choose, just warning you that the newer ones are more accurate and usually better. -Michael]

Pierre over at PresetsHeaven just helped me out quite a bit. I got alot of video work to get done tonight for one of my clients, so I don't think I will have a new release ready today. Just a few moments ago I got a tweet from Pierre informing me he had posted one of my older preset packages today.

This is good for me, because then I am still coming through with more presets (just ones that were released on flickr groups previously), and I can get this other work done with out my daily update. Also its good for me because his site gets so much more exposure than my pittance of a blog, meaning my presets move out further into the wild.

Today Pierre released MikeyG!s Color Print Film Presets Vol 1. To get it click the link to the left and head over to his page. It offers you 9 different film styles (7 different films, with 3 different interpretations of Fuji Reala), each with a standard preset and an autotoning preset.

Also featured on his page a while back is MikeyG!s Black and White Film Presets Vol 1. It has 18 different B&W film stocks, each with a standard and autotone version.

I feel that I did a pretty good job on these, however I have learned so much about how to coax Lightroom in the two weeks since I got these packages done. Case in point the Reala presets that push the film...they don't look right. But I admit that, and I feel that I am better able to produce the desired effects now and will re-release every preset in these packs as I get time.

As always, let me know what you think of my work. If you are on twitter get me @mwgray or find me on flickr as grayimaging. You can also reach me at grayimaging
* -at- * gmail * -dot- * com.

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B&W Film Preset Vol 1
Print Film Preset Vol 1

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