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Sorry for the late post, I have been distracted by yet another project, that has put off the article I was working on for today. Anyways, that will see the light of day soon, and since it is late I though I would just stop in to say hi!

In case you are involved in the Flickr Presetting Lightroom group, we are now voting on images that were submitted to the photo contest. If you partake in the group, please consider joining in on the voting. If you have not been by yet, come on over and join in on a great community for Lightroom. We are hoping to have more contests/challenges in the future, so keep checking in.

If you are a pro photographer or aspiring to be one, you most likely have a digital portfolio. If you do you may want to consider looking into Dripbook. They offer a great service that could be very beneficial if you maintain various contact points for your portfolio. More information on this service is available ovar at X-Equals.

I am having quite the experience with my new Plustek OpticFilm 7200 Film Scanner. Priced for those on a budget, it is quite lacking in features, however I am getting excellent results from it. I will be doing a full review and guide to getting good results from this high-res scanner that won't break your budget. Although I will miss my old Coolscan LS-2000, I won't miss the money I save on this over the Nikon Coolscan 5000 ED. I can deal with lower quality for my personal film shots. I can pay to get great scans on a frame if I really need it...such as I do for all the shots on test rolls of film.

Other than that, don't forget to get my Cold Storage Collection if you haven't done so already. Proceeds from the sales contribute to my costs incurred whilst developing these presets. Your generosity will keep this site moving forward.

Well, not I am going to get to work in preparing more material for this site, hopefully finally get ahead of the game again. Also, I am in the process of writing an article for X-Equals about sharpening your images in Lightroom. It will go fairly in depth, keep an eye out for it sometime in the next week or so.

Well until the next post,


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