Monday Update: Some weeks are better than others....

In short, my week sucked. I had absolutely no time to work on LifeInDigitalFilm whatsoever, my real job and photo work saw to that. Luckily, I though things might go wrong, so I prepped enough material to get through the week with out posting, to get me through the weekend. That didn't work out as hoped, as I had no content on Saturday, but I still made a post, so my current streak is still intact.

So, if you haven't been by in a while, this week was pretty uneventful here. The only upside was that I got four new presets out the door.

Tuesday : Fuji Fujicolor Press 800
Thursday : Maco PO
Friday : Maco IR
Sunday : Foma Fomapan Classic

Saturday was a wash, as all I got up was an excuse for not posting, however on Wednesday I did get a couple words out as I covered a few topics that I felt I needed to address, read more on that HERE.

I was planning on doing more today, but again I am time limited, but all my current commitments have been met, so I have some time to dedicate to LifeInDigitalFilm in the coming days. The next two days will see some new presets released, and later in the week I will have a review of the canvas print service from Zaza Gallery and a little tutorial piece I have been working on. Hopefully I can find some time to get some details hammered out on my upcoming switch to WordPress and let you know when those changes will arrive.

Also, be sure to check out X-Equals, as Brandon has some great information over there. This week he threw down his review of Alien Skin's Bokeh and gave an introduction to Dripbook, a new spin on online portfolios.

Well, I will be back tomorrow with another new preset for you to play with.

Until then,


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