Monday Update: A Week Best Forgotten

So, again I come off another week feeling like I was a punching bag in a boxing gym. I never succeeded in getting back ahead with my releases on the blog, had to replace my film scanner and now my primary photo computer has a failing hard disk. Not getting ahead whatsoever. Thank goodness I started these Monday updates...give me the rest of the day to find a way to get caught back up and hopefully save the presets I lost in my data crash. Hopefully after running through a repair program my presets will be intact. If not, I still have the draft versions of them on my Linux machine, which I can pull off and finish them back up again. Hopefully I will again have something for tomorrow.

Here are the releases made this week:

Tuesday: Fuji 160C
Wednesday: Fuji 160S
Friday: Foma Fomapan Classic
Sunday: Forte Fortepan 400

Had a review of the great, inexpensive canvas products from ZaZa Gallery on Thursday. Definitely check out the review and their site is you are looking to get some gallery wraps made. Great quality at a reasonable price, make them your first stop when shopping around for prices. And if you need to uprez an image for a canvas wrap project, read Dennis Hays' write up on Genuine Fractals 6 over at X-Equals.

Saturday I made a post with a couple reminders...Vote on a winning image at the Flickr Prestting Lightroom group's photocontest. Please drop by and vote.
And drop by X-Equals to learn more about Dripbook, a great new online portfolio service.

And now I am going to continue in my epic struggle against failing hardware and hope that I can produce more content for tomorrow. Hopefully I can get my next article for X-Equals done soon too. Need to get my screenshots and then I will have an article all about sharpening in Lightroom ready to go. Just need a working Lightroom computer. This Linux machine is fine for everything but photos...no Adobe love for Linux.

Hopefully see you tomorrow,


UPDATE: My local Hard disk is trashed, and I was unable to recover my finished presets. As it is, it should be Wednesday before I can get a new drive, and Thursday before I can finish off a preset from the WIP presets that were last saved to my server the night before. In other words, no new releases until then. I don't know what I am going to cover the next few days, as I have no Lightroom/Photoshop PC at the moment, but releases will resume by the end of this week. And so it is written in stone, this week is best left forgotten.


Rachel said...

sad day michael. i hope your computer/picture stuff gets to feeling betah!

365photosin2009 said...

Bummer about the drive. Hope you get everything fixed up soon and without too much trouble.

For what it's worth, I like your Monday recap. I have trouble keeping up with your prolific posts otherwise...... ;-)