LR/ACR Preset: Rollei IR

LR/ACR Preset: Rollei IR

Today I present another of my inaccurate representations of an infrared film. Although, it is actually a normal emulation of a regular panchromatic black and white film that claims to be an infrared film. Rollei IR has en extended red range that pushes well into the infrared spectrum, however the emulsion is still technically panchromatic, and when shot without a IR filter, the film can be shot as a regular 400 speed black and white film. The effect of the infrared light is overpowered by visible light when shot without a filter, and it has a look similar to Tri-X, albeit with different color responses.

So, this emulation was based off a sample roll shot as regular film, not infrared. Therefore the response show little in the way of IR effects. I felt this was the best way to handle this film, as I still have no access to IR RAW files. Enjoy the preset.

That it all for today, back again tomorrow,


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