GoogleFail: Google Sites Unresponsive

Ok, so tonight I was tweeted about my downloads not working. I had just made an upload, and tested the download, so it through me off. So I check on another PC and found out that indeed NONE of my download links were working. Google Sites had failed me. I guess I can't expect much, it is free (although I paid for the Google Apps suite and domain hosting...but anyway). But considering how disillusioned I already was with Blogger/Blogspot content management and hosting in comparision to WordPress content management....

So tonight I started to migrate away. Now all my downloads are hosted on Amazon S3. Brandon of X-equals, gave me a tip to check out this article on using S3 for file hosting. So I made that switch. Now I pay a little for alot of reliability. Thanks go out to both X-equals and Nettuts.com.

I am ferverently working on a good WordPress template on my private server, and migrating all current content to my new WordPress setup. As soon as I get some good hosting (aka get some money to buy hosting) I will bring the new version live. Hopefully it shant be long. I can't handle Blogger much longer.

Also, I have removed the link for my download page. I am not going to use Google sites at all. I will get a new download page set up over this weekend.


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