LR/ACR Presets: Adox Films [(CHS 50,100,100PL) (CMS 20)]

[Adobe Camera RAW presets added 01132009]

This afternoon I am releasing 4 different film emulation presets, all for Adox films. Adox uses a traditional 1950's era emulsion, high in silver contents and low in speed. 100 is their highest speed in the CHS line due to the chemistry in the emulsion.

Check out their film:
Adox film on Sale at Freestyle
Adox film website

Now for the downloads:
Adox CHS 50 >>> HERE
Adox CHS 100 >>> HERE
Adox CHS 100 PL >>> HERE
Adox CMS 20 >>> HERE



I am looking for more film samples, and if you shoot film and have access to a MacBeth style color card, next time you have a spare frame, find good light and snap a picture of your color card. Get a good, HQ scan of the image, and email it or a link to me at michael@lifeindigitalfilm.com . The image of the colorchecker is the 1st step in my emulations and if anyone can help thank you. I need images for film I have not emulated and film I have, as I will update them after I get my first release cycle done. Please attach the Manufacturer, Name, ISO and development process (push, pull, c-41 in e-6 xpro) for color film. Add detailed devlopment info for B&W films, such as the devloper used, dev time, and any other step you choose to include. I hope to add different developers to my B&W presets, as currently they are all assuming d-76.

Thank You

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