LR/ACR Preset: Rollei R3

LR/ACR Preset: Rollei R3, originally uploaded by GrayImaging.

Now for my next free preset. Tonight we bring to you a German gift. By way of MACO Photographic's Rollei R3. Distributed by Rollei, the film comes in all formats, and uses a classic cubic silver halide emulsion. Depending on the developer used the manufacture claims an ISO latitude from ISO 32 to ISO 32,000. The film has moderate resolution and good tonality. Grain is similar to that of Ilford HP5+.

Preset developed using Rollei R3 film shot at ISO 200 and developed in regular D-76 soup. Will retry this film again using the recommended developer when money allows.

On another note, I would like to point out a great group on Flickr. I have spend some time there discussing Lightroom presets and sharing my work. Presetting Lightroom is a community of preset users and developers that share their work and help each other out. We have a compilation of over 180 presets free for download made by many of our members, see the download banner off to the left sidebar to jump right to that.

Currently at Presetting Lightroom we have started a photography contest for the coming month of February. Look for it in the thread and submit an image...just make sure you used a preset. Currently we have three prizes up for grabs, 3 copies of my Cold Storage Presets Collection for Lightroom and ACR. Please come join us over at Flickr's Presetting Lightroom group.

On the note of my Cold Storage Preset Collection, please consider purchasing it if you enjoy my presets. You will get 12 exclusive presets that you can only get in the Cold Storage package, and you get to help me continue to develop the film emulating presets you love.

For those who have purchased my collection, THANK YOU!!! For those thinking about it, and even those who are not, ask yourself if you get good results from my presets. If so, consider that most software that does a similar service costs well over ten times the price I ask. And they won't do custom emulations if you have a film/developer combo you desire and don't keep giving you more free presets to discover more classic film stocks. So think about it a bit.

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