LR/ACR Preset: Kodak Kodachrome 64

[Adobe Camera RAW preset added 01132009]

Finally I am back up and online, sorry for the extended absence, but I got a good belated Christmas gift for all of you. My Kodak Kodachrome 64 emulation.

Be warned, this is not as straightforward as most of my other presets. If you are of the school of thought that a preset is the last thing you do to an image, this may not be for you. This preset really needs attention after the preset has been applied. It is a little finicky in the contrast/brightness areas. I have not found an image yet that I did not have to adjust one or the other. Mind you, this will get a good approximation of the colors, saturation and response curve of the film, but you will have to pay attention to the brightness and contrast.

Also, if you use my Auto-toning presets, the Kodachrome Auto tends to overexpose, unless your original exposure was dead-on. Much like the actual film, you must have a good exposure when using Auto. Alternatively, just bring down the exposure, it will improve the image if it appears washed out.

This preset can require a bit more work to finesse out a good image, however I feel the results are great when you find the sweet spot. I could have spent much more time tweaking this preset, but I like the results...it just requires a little extra after the preset has been applied.

Also, if you read the readme.txt file in the zip, I have instructions on how to use the split-toning feature to simulate the discoloration of the 60's era and 70's era stock. Just in case you are interested.

So grab the file HERE. [man, I really need to get a download icon....]

Until next time[ hopefully much sooner tha last time],


Pat said...

Hi Mikey, just wanted to say I found your actions by sheer chance the other day after stumbling across Preset Heaven. Your B&W presets are superb but that got me thinking maybe you had something for a classic colour look for a 50s pinup look. After a bit of searching I found your Kodachrome 64, which looks superb!

Michael W. Gray said...

I am glad you found the site and enjoyed the presets! Keep coming back, I will keep on making more!