LR Style Preset: 110 Prints

LR Style Preset: 110 Prints, originally uploaded by GrayImaging.

In a departure from my usual film emulation fare, I decided to branch out and make a print emulating preset. I call it my 110 Print Presets. The set contains an overexposed preset, and two film styled presets. One based off Kodak Gold, called 110 Gold in both standard and auto. Also has 110 Koda, which is based off of Kodachrome 25, again in auto and standard.

I know that not just 110 3.5x5's were made with rounded corners...135 format was printed like this as well back in the day. However my family photos that look like this all have 110 negatives in the shoe box with them, so to me the look is distinctly 110.

I will recommend that if you send out for prints using this preset, to look for a photo finisher offering the Kodak Silk paper. Adorama offers this particular finish in 3.5x5 for the complete classic look. Just adjust the post crop midpoint to 50 in the Vignette menu, which eliminates the white border, leaving the rounded corners.

You can get the preset HERE.

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