LR/ACR Preset: Fuji Sensia 100

Well, it is that time again...time for LIDF's next free preset. Tonight I bring you my version of Fuji's Sensia 100 slide film. It comes across to me as a very balanced slide film, not overly saturated, but has enough pop to bring it. To me it seems very similar to Provia, albeit with limited range.

When using this preset, do not be afraid to crank up recovery or tone down the black levels. The curve that simulates the films response is rather unforgiving, and will black out shadows and blow out highlights. I think this may be the same reason that the tonal range of the film seems smaller than that of Provia.

Just a reminder again to consider dropping a ten spot and grabbing my Cold Storage preset collection. I have buttons at the top of the blog on the right sidebar if you would be so kind to support LifeInDigitalFilm. To those of you who already have, thanks for the support. It is much appreciated. For more info see the post here.

And I have been asked why the set is called "Cold Storage". Carry over photogs from the film days get it, but some of you newer ones were scratching your collective heads. Simply put, to keep film fresh, keep it cold. Most keep it in a refrigerator or freezer. This keeps the emulsion from oxidizing and the colors from shifting. Cold stored film keeps its tone and color much longer than at room temp, and pro film left at room temp rapidly becomes consumer film. Cold storage keeps film fresh, and I like to think so does my emulations.

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