LR/ACR Preset: Ilford Pan F+

LR/ACR Preset: Ilford Pan F+, originally uploaded by GrayImaging.

Tonight is the first in my short series of Ilford films. Tonight I bring you the slow but sharp, fine grained Ilford Pan F+. Watch your black clipping and contrast using this preset, as a little too much can really black out shadow highlights.

As always, both Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw preset files are included.

Get it HERE

As side notes, I will be redesigning LifeInDigitalFilm over the next few months. I will be moving the blog from Blogspot hosting to another hosting provider when I finally get my business website up. When I do make the hosting switch I will be migrating LIDF to WordPress, which I wish I would have used when I started this mess. The change should allow me to provide a better experience, and the web hosting will allow me to have actual information pages for each film I emulate. So if in the future I have lapses in posts over a day or two, know that I am working on making the site better, not blowing it off.

Also, today I converted a really great preset to ACR. It is x=warm+storm preset, and it throws a really great effect on your image. I ran it on a wedding catalog I have and I had great results. Check it out at x-equals.com/blog. You may have already seen it up at PresetsHeaven, if you have still run over to x-equals, Brandon has included the ACR version of his preset for your enjoyment.

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x= said...

Where are the comments people!

This guy is POURING his heart into these presets!



Anonymous said...

thqanks alot wonderfull, i like so much