LR/ACR Preset: Fuji Velvia Cross Processed [PresettingLR Exclusive]

A few days ago I released a preset only for the people in the Presetting Lightroom community over at Flickr. Just in case you were not aware of it, the Presetting Lightroom group is an excellent resource for great presets and a good place to look for help when you run into Lightroom issues. Please come on over and join us.

You can find my Fuji Velvia Cross-Processed preset in the discussions on the group. Look around, you'll find it...just look for the picture I am showing you above.

Click to head on over....[Presetting Lightroom group on Flickr]

Again I implore you to consider grabbing my preset collection, I know it's not manly to beg, but I really need to get this blog self-sustaining. I have options as far as hosting goes, as much as I would like to get the site hosted on it's own, but I do need money to keep getting film, paying for development chemistry an the other expenses incurred in the process of these emulations.

The purchase links are in the upper right hand side of the blog.

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