LR/ACR Preset: Fades

LR/ACR Preset: Fades, originally uploaded by GrayImaging.

Tonight I am deviating from standard operating procedure. Tonight's preset is a style preset, not emulating anything but an effect. In my fades set, you get three basic effect presets that fade the colors in your image. the Vintage and Aged presets give a color cast to your photo. Classic just kills saturation and kicks up Luminance. There are no auto versions, no curve, just basic.

I've been busy this week and have not had time to polish up any film emulations. These presets were cooked up for a discussion in the Flickr Presetting Lightroom group, where we were trying to emulate the style of a photographer with a preset. I failed at my intended goal, however this is the result. I like the finished preset, so I am releasing it to keep my promise of two new presets a week.

As always, there is a Lightroom and ACR preset for each.

As always, enjoy them, back to film emulation this weekend. Watch for my newest emulation then.

Until then,

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