LR/ACR Preset: Maco IR

LR/ACR Preset: Maco IR

Today I bring you another attempt at simulating an infrared film. It is a fairly difficult task that cannot be done anywhere near as accurately as a normal B&W film. So when using my IR presets, keep in mind that you are not creating anything near what the actual film would create. I think I have the general feel of the film captured, however it is impossible for me to create a preset that can take a standard RAW file and give it an IR look.

However, if anyone has access to a IR-converted DSLR, and could send me some RAW files to test with, I should be able to work up a proper IR preset for use with IR modified camera RAW files. If you do, please contact me at michael@lifeindigitalfilm.com

Anyways, today I give to the world preset in the style of Maco IR. I can't really call it an emulation, but it has similar tonality and reacts to colors in a way that makes it kinda look IR. I hope you enjoy it and can find a use for it.

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A lot has been going on for LIDF lately, I have a few items in the works, so keep dropping by. New things are coming, I just can't say when yet.

Also, today is essentially the last day to make an entry into the Flickr Presetting Lightroom photo contest. Not alot of enteries, and there is a copy of HDRSoft's Photomatix Pro and 3 copies of my Cold Storage collection up for grabs. To enter you need to post an image to the group, with a title, preset used, and why it was used. the contest collection is small, so the odds of winning are pretty good. Jump over there to join in.

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