LR/ACR Preset: Rollei Retro

LR/ACR Preset: Rollei Retro, originally uploaded by GrayImaging.

Finally I am making with a new film emulation preset. I hope everyone enjoyed the style preset I released a few days ago, but now back on to the meat and potatoes.

This fine Sunday morning I bring to you LIDF's interpretation of Rollei Retro. Apparently, when this film was introduced, it was relabeled Agfa APX. However, when I developed this roll, the frame border stated MACO as the manufacturer. I don't know for sure what the real truth is behind the origin of this film, but I do notice a slight difference in color response. That may just be the effects of age and a different development process (the Agfa APX preset I made was developed at a local; shop, most likely in d-76; I developed the roll of Rollei Retro at home with 1:3 Rodinal for 15 min @ 24 C).

I hope that this and my other presets find a home in your workflow, be it for fun or professional work. I enjoy making them. If you enjoy using them, as much as I loathe to ask, would you please consider buying my Cold Storage Archive. It can be ordered in the right hand corner of the blog or you can click HERE for more information. Help me keep providing these tools to you. [I will keep begging until I have my hosting paid for, then I will lay off].

Anyways, everyone have a great day/night and hope your coming work week is good to you.

Until next time,

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x= said...

This is a nice one.

I actually USED this film INSIDE my Rollei TR.

Very nice ..