LR/ACR Preset: Classic Film Classic-Pan 200

Now for the next preset in LifeInDigitalFilm's ever growing collection. Classic Film is a German Film manufacturer/reseller. Currently they have two emulsions on the market, that I am aware of, Classic-Pan 200 and Classic-Pan 400. The manufacturer calims that the films a designed to be reminiscent of the older Kodak films, such as Double Super-XX and Plus-X.

The roll shot for emulation was processed myself in stock D-76 @ 20C for 8 minutes, as per DigitalTruth. I discovered after development that the two different ISO speeds are fairly different, so once again, there will be both a 200 and 400 speed preset. 400 coming soon, get 200 speed now.

I hope you enjoy it, I got a backstock of presets built back up, so release should consistantly be 2-3 a week for a while. Come back for more!

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