Monday Update: In Other Words, Nothing New Today...

Well, it is Monday, My busiest day of the week in the "real" world, so I am going to continue with my Monday Update reviews. Don't expect new contents often on Mondays, but something may sneak in from time to time.

Well, although it was difficult to do, I succeeded in getting a new post out every day again this week. However, I did not get any new articles out as I had hoped to...that just rolled into a new project. More on that when the time comes.

Still working on my new WordPress redesign for LifeInDigitalFilm. I am not going to migrate until I have everything ready to rock, so it should still be a while. When it happens you will know.

It was a good week for presets this past week, with a series of releases. The big focus on presets this week was on the Agfa RSX II family of slide film. I hope you all enjoyed it, as I was not planning on releasing them all at once, but lack of creativity preculded me from writing actual content, so they all got rolled out way too fast. A day by day breakdown....

Tuesday: Rollei Ortho
Wednesday: Agfa RSX 100
Thursday: Agfa RSX 200
Friday: Agfa RSX 50
Sunday: Maco Cube

Only article written was Saturday's rant about me and why I still shoot film. That is not counting shooting it to emulate it, but to explain why I have 50 rolls of file in the freezer waiting to be shot and another 15 waiting to be developed, while 3 rolls currently reside inside three different cameras. All being used whilst my DSLR rests in it's camera bag. To read on my retro-photo life click HERE.

This week I started a new mini-feature in my release posts... As I have encountered photoblogs using my presets, I have been featuring them on LifeInDigitalFilm. Sometimes it's good to see other people use my presets, actually it is always good, since I see my own photos too often and only can use my personal snap-shots to demo my presets...I don't like using client or project photos for this purpose. So here are the phot-blogs featured this past week on LIDF.

Wednesday: 365photosin2009 - Julie McLeod

A fun photoblog, depicteing Julie's progress through her 365 photo challenge. Every photo has to meet a theme that is listed on the blog, and every photo is a different theme. Quite a challenge and it is fun to see how she meets the themes with her photos. She had frequently used LIDF presets in her project and I ask you to take a look.

Thursday: Beau A.C. Harbin Photography Blog - Beau A.C. Harbin - Twitter: @bacharbin

Beau has a knock for creative composition and processing, and most of his images include a small snippet of text describing the image itself, so you can understand it in the context of how it was shot and processed. He has used LIDF presets occasionally on his images, most recently on a stunning HDR image of a bridge over the Chittenango Falls. His images will take you somewhere, if only for a moment.

Friday: Phototerium & The Photog Formula - Nate Lawson - Twitter: @nate_lawson

Phototerium is simply an amazing presentation. It is the home to Nate Lawson's 365 photo project, and he is putting up some simply stunning images. And as if that was not enough, he has frequently been posting the outtakes and seconds to his other blog, The Photog Formula. He has been on a kick of late using alot of LIDF presets in his work...Hop over, have a look, get some inspiration for finding the art in an everyday moment.

Saturday: profiPhotos - Markus Griebling - Twitter: @profiphotos

While not a photoblog in the same sense of the previous three, Markus' profiPhotos is an excellent resource for Lightroom tips. He recently posted a video on creating High Dynamic Range (HDR) images in Lightroom via HDRSoft's Photomatix Pro, check it out if HDR is an interest of yours or may someday be.

Markus is also a fellow Admin over at the Presetting Lightroom group on Flickr. Both of us want to invite you to join in on the conversation and to join in on the current photo contest. Less than a week to enter a phot for a chance to win HDRSoft's Photomatix Pro or a copy of my Cold Storage Collection. Join in the contest HERE.

Bonus Blog: x-equals blog - Brandon Oelling - Twitter: @xequals

Finally, even though I did not make mention of this site in the past week, please hop over to the X-Equals blog, in fact you should make this a frequent stop. Brandon brings you some of the best tip, trick and presets for Lightroom and also features alot of information on workflow, file-maintenance and often does in-depth features on some great photographers.

Recently Brandon put the spotlight on Tom Hoops, who is a great portrait photographer. The article is an interesting and informative read, giving insight into the mind of a great photographer.

In all Brandon's site is a great resource for Lightroom users and photographers in general. Take some time and visit his site. You might even find a few articles n me in his archives.

Well that is all for today, a rather quick post, given it's length. That's what recaps are good for, making you look prolific whilst not having to produce any new content. Come back tomorrow for a new color preset.

Until then,


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