News: LIDF Update and Guest Blog Post

Just wanted to drop a note today. First, there will be a new film emulation preset posted this weekend. I had an overly busy week this week and fell behind on my emulation process. Back up and running and releases will ensue.

Next, wanted to update you on the Cold Storage set fundraiser. So far I have made 9 sales, and I thank those of you who have purchased it so far. I am just under half way to the cost of a year's service with the hosting company I want to use. So if you are thinking about it, please click on the box to your right to purchase the set. After I get the hosting purchased I will let you know, and then any more funds generated will go towards purchases of more film to emulate and toward the cost to develop said film for emulation. Come on, if you like what you get from this site, please consider supporting it's growth. As it grows I will be able to provide even more tools for getting that classic film look.

As to the redesign, I am working on a much better setup done in WordPress. Have it on a testbed Linux server in my home, and it is building up pretty good. at the rate I am getting funds from the Cold Storage project, I should have the new design ready to roll out as soon as I setup with my new host. I hope that the redesign improves on the look and usability of LifeInDigitalFilm.

Also working on some new projects. As I have already branched off into Adobe Camera Raw presets, I have started dealing ore with doing the same thing in Photoshop. I am working on a few Photoshop actions to get film effects, and a couple actions to give a conving grain for proper film types. Hopefully then if you process a file in LR with a film preset you can then hop into Photoshop to add a realistic grain. Stay tuned for that, no ETA yet, but it is coming.

Finally, I have been doing some work with Brandon from X-Equals. I have already had one guest spot on his blog so far, and a new one is posted today. Click on over to his great site to read about my personal approach to Lightroom and Photoshop in my business work-flow. Hop over and read it, if you haven't done so already. If you have never spent time on X=blog, stay a while and read some articles...you will learn something new. Go there soon...click HERE.

Well I'll be back in the next 48 hours to release my newest preset...

Until Then,

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