LR/ACR Preset: Agfa RSX II 50

LR/ACR Preset:Agfa RSX II 50

Ah, it is Friday, my work week is over. Hopefully I can get some articles written...I can hope. But anyways, I did not even try to write an article for today, I decided to complete my trio of RSX II presets. Today I present my Agfa RSX II 50 preset. It completes the set, and is the best looking one on the vast majority of my images. Enjoy.

More and more photographers are using my LifeInDigitalFilm presets, and as I discover them I am going to keep sharing them with you. Today I would like to ask you to drop by Nate Lawson's photoblog Phototerium. Today he posted an interesting photo entitled "Learning Curve" utilizing my Adox CHS 50 preset. When I look at his image I have to say it screams art...look at it close, you will see what I mean. If you like his work, please follow him on Twitter @nate_lawson.

So, with that I am going to get back to my text editor and get to work on some articles I hope to eventaully complete and get up on LIDF. Also I am going to spend some time getting my WordPress theme worked on, and iron out some bugs in my "sandboxed" version of the new LIDF. Hoping to get it live in the next month or so.

Back tomorrow!


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