LR/ACR Preset: Maco Cube

LR/ACR Preset:Maco Cube

Alright, it is Sunday here in Mid-America, and I have nothing better to do that bring you my newest film emulation preset. Today is a rendition of Maco Cube, from Maco of Germany, the manufacturer of the Rollei films. Maco Cube is a 400 speed (nominally rated) Black & White film emulsion. The manufacturer claims an ISO latitude from 100 to 6400 with the same film, depending on development process used, with a fine grain across the ISO spectrum. They claim to accomplish this by utilizing three emulsioon layers with chemicall different silver crystals, that react at different speeds, allowing for fine grain and high speed. I did not test it at any other speed thusfar except for 400, as the deevloper I have on hand currently is D-76 and the only speed rating on the datasheet for D-76 was 400 [10 minutes @ 20C].

I find that it does have a fairly fine grain, but that is of no difference currently in Lightroom as there is no tool allowing for inclusion of grain (please Adobe...V3? Please?) I got the general color response reasonably accurate and I find the emulation to be reasonably close to Maco Cube @ 400 in D-76, for what it is worth. Enjoy.

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