LR/ACR Preset: Daguerreotype

LR/ACR Preset: Daguerreotype
LR/ACR Preset: Daguerreotype, originally uploaded by GrayImaging.

Here is one from my experimental preset collection. Been working on it for a bit, as I have no access to an actual Daguerreotype, or means to create one, I was doing this with only the aide of pictures of Daguerreotypes. Not opportune. Well I don't feel I completely nailed the look, however I don't think it can properly be done in Lightroom currently. This preset gets everything looking right, but it needs aged. I feel that this is a good jumping off point for making a simulated Daguerreotype.

My biggest recommendation is to adjust the Contrast, Recovery and Fill to get the balance you are looking for. Don't forget to use some negative clarity to get that soft look on portraits. Also try getting prints of these images made on metallic paper, such as Adorama offers.

Hope you enjoy this one off project. Back to proper film emulations with my next release this weekend. In the mean time, I will beat a dead horse a bit. If you haven't done so, please get the Cold Storage collection that I have for sale here on the site. When you purchase you get a complete archive of my presets up until January and 12 new, exclusive presets. As an added bonus, I am creating new presets that will be exclusively sent to those who purchase the Cold Storage collection. Just another reason to support LIDF. Look on rightside bar to purchase or click here for more info.



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